Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Counting the non-voters.

Metiria Turei came out swinging at the Green party policy conference on the weekend, having broken the 10% barrier they no longer want to sit idly by. It appears to be being taken by some as a possible indication of conflict between Labour and the Greens. It might very well be.
it would be nice, however, if the Greens and (especially) Labour took a look at the percentages of the votes that everyone got at the last election. And by everyone, I mean that they should be looking at the second largest block of voters, those who didn't vote. Danyl lays out the numbers and puts forward a couple of possible interpretations. One of the most glaring being that it's not necessarily the case that National has captured the centre of the political spectrum, over the past 3 elections, Nationals vote as a percentage of the total number of potential voters hasn't really improved that much. What has happened is that the number of people who don't vote has increased significantly. These being, if the strategists are thinking sensibly, the people both Labour and the Greens should be going after. Seriously, which is harder, convincing people who think National are doing fine, or getting your shit together (in Labours case, I think the Greens already have theirs together) and convincing a whole bunch of people who are disillusioned with the process that they should at least get minimally involved again.

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