Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A contrast.

So yesterday we had Steven Joyce bemoaning the nay-sayers who were blocking our urban sprawl and attempts to dig up everything that we might be able to sell to fund our future. Roger Hansons post today makes Joyce's opinion piece look weak. Compare the two, one wants us to compete, from a distance with the rest of the world at stuff that the rest of the world already does much better and with greater economies of scale than we could ever hope to match. The other takes similar starting examples (dairy and film) and says hey, look, we can do new stuff well, lets look at all the other new things that are going to be happening over the next few years, prepare ourselves for that see what happens.
Weta are a brilliant example. Digital effects attracts skilled people from around the world (it'd be grand if we could use more locals but that requires preparation), highly paid, who stay in the country and spend. Mining attracts highly skilled people from around the world (limited unskilled work, they have large machines for that) highly paid, who come for a few years then bugger off when they've got everything and leave a mess behind to clean up. Which industry improves the lives of the populace more?

Contrasting the two views shows just how weak Joyce's leadership abilities are. The unwillingness to prepare for the future in sustainable ways is just pathetic.

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