Sunday, January 8, 2012

Noticing things.

Over the past year or so in the skeptic blogosphere there's been a couple of stoushes regarding the amount of sexism in the community. I don't tend to hang out, physically, with any particularly overt skeptics groups, so I'm not exposed to it anywhere other than online. Again, even online there's not many places I see it, the sites where I read the comments tend to be smaller communities where we get the odd loon, but they're not usually many put downs based purely on gender.
One of the things I have been trying to be very aware of for a while now is the fact that pretty much by definition, my world is not like everyone else's. So when I see the depths to which some/large numbers of people can sink, it gets rather depressing. Like reading a column written by Garth George but worse. A lot worse. There are glimmers of hope, like this. It's good summation of why "it was just a joke" is one of the more pathetic excuses around. The presumption that I make here, is that those who make these stupid sexist rants are not currently aware of only aware in a limited fashion, that what goes for them, does not go for other people.

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