Wednesday, December 7, 2011

yeah, no, wait, ummmmm.....what?

So the workers of the ports of Auckland notify management of two one day strikes a week or so apart. The Ports of Auckland respond by locking the workers out and delaying mediation. I'll go so far as to agree with Maersk Line, that that constitutes industrial unrest and fair enough they're running a business, moving business to the more stable Tauranga port is probably a good call for them. For Ports of Auckland management - Tony Gibson is the name bandied about to then blame the disruption on the unions? ummm... what? Not being privy to the inner workings of the negations (or lack thereof as seems to be the case) I can't say who is actually to blame for the industrial unrest.If you lock your workers out for a couple of weeks though, you don't get to blame them for disruptions in the work flow that cause customers to go elsewhere. Yes, the workers had proposed disruptions, but compared to the disruptions generated by the actions of management, they were minor.
I do wonder if this Gibson chap is aware that from the outside, he's looking like a bit of an ass who is costing Ports of Auckland millions in lost revenue and more importantly the Auckland region in lost jobs.

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