Thursday, December 1, 2011

Head, meet desk, desk, head.

Almost a week out from the election and I can still be surprised and appalled in the space of a sentence. 
So conversation got around to the election tonight, as it does these days. It appears that someone I know, whom I regard as generally speaking, otherwise sane, voted national to keep Winston out of government. ...  ... ... I. just. don't. get it.  This is someone who apparently would have preferred to vote Labour. The reasoning, if you can it it was thus:
  •  Labour had no chance of winning.
  • Winston looked like he had a shot at getting back into power.
  • If we didn't get National government then Winston would be in charge 
  • Anything with Winston involved would be inherently unstable and therefore bad.
  • Thus, vote National. 
Ignore for a moment the fact that Winston had previously stated that he would be going into opposition rather than forming a government with National or Labour, what would we have got if he had - given Key's flat out refusal to work with Winston, a Labour led government not selling the family silver. If Winston did stick to his word, what would we have if National had got a few less percent - a minority government that operates but has to work for the really big policies like asset sales or mining conservation land maybe? Couldn't have that, no, instead, go out and vote for someone promising to implement policies you don't like because someone else you don't like might make it possible for the people with policies you do like to actually carry them out.

head. desk. head. desk. head. desk.

Seriously. This is as bad as the stories floating around the book of face at the moment of people voting National and not being worried about mining in national parks because they know the Greens will stop them. Fundamental misunderstandings of how to go about getting what you want from this world. 

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