Saturday, December 31, 2011

Awfully sorry. Deal with it.

Awfully sorry people, I'm out and about and I need somewhere to jot a random thought down. You get to suffer through it, brief as it may be.

For the purposes of getting people out and involved in the political process, rather being concerned with their own material wealth or not being arsed getting off the couch in front of TV or a video game: it's an opportunity to be involved in something more than the efforts of a single person. Enjoy life while you're here, sure, but leave a better place for those yet to come. Easy? No, hard. But worthwhile. Will you win all your battles to shape the future? No, but you can influence the shape of things to come. Will you be remembered for your contribution? Probably not. Over the long term, almost certainly not. It's not really the point though is it? If you're not there when people remember (or don't) you, do you really care? The point is gain satisfaction here and now by being involved. Satisfaction is rarely derived from from sitting around waiting.  It is obtained when you set out to so something hard or worthwhile, and succeed at it. Succeeding here is not achieving all your goals and changing the world, the world is to big for that. Success is contributing to our future, at best nudging humanity ever so slightly towards where you think it should go.

That is all. Being out and slightly drunk should excuse any self indulgence in that. I'll try to clean it up tomorrow.

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