Monday, November 28, 2011

And that folks, was an election. Barely.

Soooo.... how 'bout that election ay? I hosted a party on Saturday night, I hadn't specifically planned that it would fall on the same day as the election, it was just the easiest day to fit into various schedules. It was, I believe, generally well received. As I was pulling the incredibly unhealthy spinach dip out of the oven though I caught a general undertone running through the kitchen part of the party, I think I caught it when I was taking the chocolate filled chilli's out onto the balcony as well. It was, I think, an air of distracted, consternated annoyance. I could have been imagining it all though. Then on Sunday when I sat down with the dirty little rags that New Zealanders are laughingly forced to call newspapers and got a look at the results, it all came back to me. It was mostly as expected. National back in on the basis of no policy and no one liked the leader of the opposition. Banks sadly took Epsom, the only bright part of that being that ACT are now so diminished that he didn't get anyone else in alongside him. I'm beginning to question the rationality of the voters of Ohariu though. And seriously NZ, Winston Peters on 6.8%? What the fuck were you thinking? Seriously. And the whole stupidly low turn out? Pathetic.
On the left, the bright spot was of course the Greens finally breaking 10% barrier. The down side for me was that Mana got Hone in but no one else. I don't have a lot of time for Hone, nor for Minto, their number 2 on the list. Annette Sykes would have been good though. And as much as Sue Bradford polarizes idiots some people, I think she did a lot of good work when she was in parliament - the repeal of section 59 for a start.
Generally disappointing though not unexpected sums it up nicely I think. It's remarkable ho little faith I have in the New Zealand electorate at the moment. It would have been none but they at least kept MMP in the referendum, proving that they're not all entirely oblivious to the true nature of politics. Just mostly oblivious.

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