Thursday, October 27, 2011

To small to Fail.

I like the idea. It's something that still needs to be fleshed out, it is one of a number of threads that I've seen recently that give me some hope that we're not completely devoid of ideas about how to run the world in the future. Yes, if we gamble economically we stand a good chance of losing some of the time. If those bets are not huge though, they don't threaten the system. Even with failures, if we a seen as small but willing to have a go, I can only see that as a benefit for talented people wanting to try new ideas. Which I would hope, would lead to more talented people and a good chance of winning more than losing.

One of the best signs that I've seen Occupy protesters hold up is "To big to fail is to big to exist". When you're trying to build a sustainable system, I think it's quite a good maxim to bear in mind. If you have an institution (or a bunch of similar ones) that when hit, will quite possibly cause horrendous disruption in an economic system i.e. to big to fail, then it should be limited. No single factor in an economic system should be able to take the system as a whole down.

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