Monday, October 17, 2011

See, this is just unncessary.

Students have taken the clock tower. The Auckland university clock tower. I'd say it's got to the point that they feel the only way they will be heard is if they're disruptive (a sentiment I tend to agree with). So they barge into what is theoretically a public meeting - though it's a bit rich calling it a public meeting then barring the people that the meeting will most affect.

All that's fine. It's rather unnecessary of the police to bring in dog units. Do they seriously think that setting dogs on people (or threatening to) is going to solve anything? Short term aim - get people out of the building by threatening violence. Long term fuck up. It's not going to do anything other than piss people off more and set the public against the police. Which is a bad thing. It puts everyone further away from reaching a solution. Those who back the short term use of violence are less likely to then turn around and negotiate given that they have set in their minds that these people are only worth setting the dogs onto - even more worrisome when you realize that these people are educating people they don't think are worth talking to. And those with the grievance will have one more grievance to add to the list which given that they've already said enough, is only going to make them more likely to protest in the future.

These are not terrorists. These are our own people, our own children who are being shut out of their own lives. Talk to them, actually listen to them, include them in the process. I don't like the idea of an us vs them society but it's what we'll end up with if we're not careful.

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