Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little bit creepy. Possibly a lot creepy.

Facebook have taken a lot of crap over the past few weeks with their interface upgrade. Personally, I don't think the change in the homepage warrants them taking much crap. Their new "seamless sharing" policy however, they deserve large amounts of crap for. They've stepped over the line from making things easier for their users and partners to creepy. And then there's this. There is possibly a case to be made for not censoring rape jokes. It would probably run along the lines of it make it easier to see who the complete assholes who make them are. If I recall correctly though, a while back Facebook was censoring pictures of women breastfeeding because we could see their nipples(!) Which in their view constituted pornography (idiots). Not so much a double standard and more of a wtf? If the later is breaching their terms of service, I don't see how the former isn't.
Here's a wee thought experiment for you: what do you call someone who sneakily follows you around the streets after you've visited them, thinks rape jokes are funny and that the tiniest glimpse of nipple is pornography? Creepy really seems to fit.

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