Friday, October 14, 2011

Blame where blame is due

I'm getting a little sick of the people defending the governments response to the Rena oil spill. The gist of the defence appears to be that John key didn't drive the ship onto the reef and therefore it wasn't his fault. Which is entirely not the point. The government/maritime NZ etc aren't being blamed for putting the ship there, that's the captain and navigation officer's fault and their well on their way to being processed. Criticisms of the goverment are criticisms of their response. An entirely different thing. We're an island nation, a lot of our importing/export is done via ship. One would hope that someone in authority would have been looking at worst case scenarios and planning.
It's not the governments fault the ship is on the reef, but once it was there it's somewhat ... pathetic, that it was left for 4 days of fine weather with nothing being done and bad weather that would make doing anything more difficult. Sure, a day maybe, but then everything should have been swinging into action.

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