Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hrm? Wall St? Financial place in NY isn't it?

So Wall St has been occupied for almost 3 weeks now. Here in lil 'ol New Zealand there are obviously more important things to pay attention to. Like someone's strained groin. And even if that hadn't happened, there's plenty of other newsworthy events like the PM getting to spend a gormless couple of hours hosting a radio show. Multiple weeks of protest in the US's largest financial district, that's obviously not very important for a serious newspaper like the NZ Herald which brings you the important stories like whether a non-psychic calf can correctly predict the winner of a rugby game.
If you read much, in NZ you might have found out about the protests a couple of weeks ago. I only found out about them at the end of last week. Not via any decent sized media organization though. Go have a quick search of google news for occupy wall st (the name of the protest). There's a few of the big names reporting on it now - The Guardian, WSJ, ABC. The interesting bit though, is which other publications are making the cut., People's World, WFMZ Allentown(?). It gets worse if you start looking for specifics. Apparently Anonymous have threatened the NYSE website (I'm presuming not the actual exchange it self) - biggest organization to cover that angle? Bloomberg. Then it's people like Death and Taxes, Dissident Times and The Street. None of which I am familiar with. In short, where's the news?
There are some bright spots, but they tend to be coming from the blogosphere. I would recommend this piece from Ezra Klein to give you a little background about what's going on. Unless of course you're already way more in the loop than I am.

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