Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The gap gets bigger.

In stark contrast to a couple of weeks ago, there are now a number of larger media operations covering the occupation protests. There's a fair number of them who are doing it badly, writing them off as confused anti-capitalists who don't know what they want. Which is silly, with a very small amount of digging you'll find that while they may not have the answers the occupiers are essentially protesting against inequality. Maybe you aren't that concerned, but I think journalists at least should be willing to put a little more effort into their work.

I seriously don't think that there would be many protesters out there who would have a problem with CEO's earning hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars if everyone else was could feed their children and not have to beggar themselves to put their children through school. as things stand though, the gap between the rich and the poor grows and while money is forthcoming to solve the problems of rich, governments do little to try and change the fortunes of the poor. As for our lot, even the things they claim to have done to help like the home insulation scheme) were not their doing. That was a deal the Greens worked out with the previous Labour government if I recall correctly. We're better off here than a lot of the rest of the world, but rather than try and fix the problems, our politcians (yes, I'm looking at Labour to), just coast, assuming everything will get better. Which is a fine recipe for everything getting worse.

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