Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well if you look at it that way.

Danyl's got an interesting way of looking at the whole police pushing for urgent retroactive action to legalise their breaking of surveillance laws.
The police obviously consider Valerie Morse a risk to the community. They charged her with terrorism! That charge was thrown out by the Solicitor-General, and the Supreme Court dismissed the other charges against her because the police made an informed decision to break the law when they collected evidence against her. Because the police acted illegally, someone they consider a terrorist is at large! Haven’t they put us at terrible risk? When do we see some accountability on that score?

The fact that no one in the police is going to face recrimination for this bugs me somewhat. They've cocked up and rather than sort out where the cock up is and how to fix it in the short term, they're running round with their hands in the air shouting boogieman! I'd rather have a police force that takes responsibility for anything they've done wrong like a grown up and gets on with fixing it.
The argument has been made that they've been doing it for years and they thought what they were doing was legal doesn't really hold water with me. a) they're the police, they should damn well know what the laws they are enforcing are and b) pleading ignorance of the law doesn't work for the general population and damn well shouldn't for the police. I'm having a hard time deciding whether it would be worse to have a few more serious criminals on the street or a police force that is ignorant or willing to break the law.

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