Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Showboating politics.

I'm beginning to think that there are two options. Either our current government has no idea of what it actually means to govern or they're deliberately trying to be overly showy about how they do things. Of course it could be both. Think about it though, The Christchurch recovery legislation that was put through in a such a hurry. As best I can recall, it was mostly already covered by other legislation, which left me thinking it was mostly about being seen to be doing something. Minister of Tantrums McCully stepping in and taking over a process that he was in charge of anyway to "make sure it all gets done", sum total benefit over and above what was already being done - 2 extra screens and 20 extra portaloos. John Key trying to get retroactive legislation to legalize illegal surveillance undertaken by the police so that nasty criminals don't get away with it - when if the crime is serious enough, the court already has the discretion to admit illegally obtained evidence. It's all about being seen to do something, no matter how ineffectual it actually is.

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