Sunday, September 11, 2011

Public transport fail at the RWC.

If you read the tail end of one of the few articles
the that is being published in NZ about this at the moment, you'll see
that the head of Veoila, the people who runs the trains has apologised
to the public, while attempting to plead extenuating circumstances in
that Friday night was an "exceptional situation". 4 years. 4 years this
company has had to plan for this and he comes up with "exceptional
situation". The other word for it of course, is incompetence. And not just from Veoila. Fair enough, there's been 50 odd years of public transport fail to deal with, but with the amount of money that was being thrown around on stadium's and party venues, did no one actually stop and make sure the transport system was going to be able to get everyone to the various places? There should have been more trains than there were when the system was tested on smaller games ... actually, I'm not going to get on what they could have done. This post would be interminable.

First off it was 50,000 people expected in the city. The number being bandied about today was 100,000. That I can believe. Now all of a sudden, it's 200,000 people. Seriously. Someone needs to do some maths and figure out what the maximum possible crowd size was before it becomes 300,000. If we're not careful, the blame will start to be get shifted from commuters pushing the emergency buttons (thus apparently bringing trains and thus the entire network to a stop) to the fact that there were 500,000 floating around. And I'm sorry, but what sort of buffonery is passing for management when they turn round and say "oh, Saturday transport to North Harbour went alright" as if to make it seem as if all the problems had been sorted? It's not the opening night with a ceremony, nor is it the home team (and a semi-home team) playing. And I can just see some idiot blaming all this on Len Brown (our last best hope for halfway competent public transport) because he drove rather than trained and using it as an argument against building/maintaining the trains <sigh>.

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