Monday, September 12, 2011

Journalistic echo chamber.

I wonder sometimes, if, in New Zealand at least, given the small size of our media industry, if there is some sort of echo chamber that journalists can't see out of. One in which they think they are well respected by the general population who admire them for their journalistic integrity. Does anyone outside of NZ journalists actually think they are any good? Danyl expresses a little disbelief that the Dom-post are having a go at Nicky Hager. You might not agree with Hager's conclusions (I have no idea, haven't read his books so I only know his conclusions via hearsay) but at least he's having a go at finding out the things our mainstream press should be looking at -i.e. presenting more than just the official press releases.
I don't doubt we have some hard working journalists, the one who report on the day to day stuff, the fires the robberies and the murders. And the sports journalists I suppose. I can't recall meeting anybody who actually trusts the political or business press though or the press as whole to do the big stories (like the one's Hager has a go at).

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