Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time for a tantrum

I've read a few different perspectives of McCully's take over of the world cup party. Russell's, Danyl's, even Fran O'Sullivan (yes, I'm having difficulty with the worrying idea that i'm finding O'Sullivan is vaguely sensible this morning). There's a couple of things that have been noted. Firstly, that in taking it over, McCully's trying to distance himself from a process he was very much in charge of in the first place. There were multiple failure's, McCully's disowning all of them. As a whole, it's a massive vote of no confidence in the organisational structure that central government put in in the first place. And rather than focus everything on the rugby and have a bit of fun, which rugby fans should be, while someone fixes stuff in the background, this just bumps the games (which should be the focus) off the front page.  *edit Also, how does this present a comforting picture to international businesses, it says that the administration of our major economic powerhouse is incompetent - comforting much?
In the end, I concur with Russell's summing up:
"Yet in the long term, the lesson is this: it's not just about the Rugby World Cup. Aucklanders have shown they will flock to their newly-opened waterfront precincts. We need to re-engineer our transport systems and the downtown CBD to make that work. And we need central government to help and not hinder that change."
Right, enough bloody transport stuff. I'm going to go read something interesting for a change (sciencey stuff). If you're lucky, I might even write about it.

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