Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello hyperspace - fingers really really crossed

There's a nice summary on Miscience of the faster than light neutrino story that's doing the rounds in the mainstream press at the moment. Read it. The few mainstream articles I've seen also mention that these are not confirmed results, which is good as it means I don't have as much cause to rant today as I otherwise would have. They also mention that the researchers are appealing to the physics community to have a good look over the results to confirm things.
Aimee covers a couple of possibilities bandied about by in the know physicists, such as the speed of neutrino's possibly being the limiting factor rather than light or neutrino's taking shortcuts through other dimensions (hyperspace maybe!). None of which matters until the physics community makes sure no one has misplaced a decimal point and figures out what the hell is going on.
An interesting point she brings up at the end though - who's driving all the press coverage? Doesn't appear to be the scientists. The media has a long history of presenting provisional findings as fact though they appear to be acknowledging that it's all provisional at the moment. I wonder if they will conviently forget that point sometime soon.

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