Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Extreme Weather.

A few weeks ago, we had snow in Auckland. Snow. It has apparently happened before but not while I've been alive.
It's hard to tie any specific wather event down to global warming. You can't say this particular flood or that particular hurricane was as a result of global warming. What you can do though, is look at the number and intensity of extreme wather events. If a region used to get 5 hurricanes a year and is now getting 8 or 9, you've got an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events that can be attributed to global warming - if it's what all the models we have have been predicting. There's a couple of papers out recently, summarized at Hot Topic, in which the researchers have gone back and looked at what the climate change models have been predicting and at recent weather trends. Surprise surprise, we can already see the effects of climate change.
And to top it all off, there's a decent chunk of the world that is likely to end up with their average summer becoming as hot as their hottest summers from the past 50 years. Which is unfortunate, I'm not a fan of stupidly hot weather.

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