Thursday, September 8, 2011

Continuing a theme.

Sort of. This piece at Ars Technica is worth a read if you follow politics at a global level at all. As much as we'd like it to not be the case, the American political sphere influences our own, Doesn't matter who's in charge over there, our government will probably be seeking trade deals or signing treaties that bring elements of other jurisdictions into our own. Some of the things that are being brought into the country aren't necessarily bad, but you have to worry when the people in charge of it all might be coming from a position of dismissing expert opinion, just becuase it is expert opinion. It's fair enough to always be somewhat ... wary of expert opinion, experts aren't always right (economists and financial crisis anyone). In science though you tend to get to be an expert because you've spent a along time studying the topic at hand. And if there are flaws in your reasoning, you'll have them pointed out by other scientists well before they reach the public sphere. There's something to be said for paying attention to experts even if you don't accept their word as gospel.

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