Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conflicting themes. Sort of. Not quite though.

This, I thought was quite interesting. The first part, the rise in segments of the population attempting to intimidate scientists (or at least the appearance of such) is indeed a worrying phenomena. There's an observation made somewhere down in the middle that "Science works best when it exists in a bit of a bubble". This is not meant to imply that science should be inaccessible  to the general public - it shouldn't be, at the very least a significant amount of science is paid for by public purses around the world and the I think people generally should have the right to know what their money is being spent on.
It does mean that the process of science generally needs to be left alone from outside interference - not necessarily the direction (that's another argument) but the process. The problem being that science can often come up with results that conflict with parts of peoples world view. Which leaves you with a large problem, namely how to be both open with the general public while not letting them interfere with the process without being arrogant and at the same time dealing with a public, some parts of which just don't want to know. Possibly it's going to be a case of we're not going to be able to help everyone understand the world, but it's both sad (for the) and annoying (for scientists) if a decent chunk of a population is going to be willfully blind to reality.

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