Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another one bites the dust.

Not globally, but in India at least, Polio cases appear to have dropped considerably, to 1 case reported this year. It's cool that we're now at a stage where we can get rid of entire diseases (smallpox, last recorded case, 1978). Measles was pretty much gone in the US, though it's on it's way back now that there a bunch of people who shun vaccines, endangering everyone. Having polio gone would be a good thing as well. The measles case though show the need for worldwide, sustained cooperation in eradicating diseases though. Malaria is another one, there are parts of Africa that get quite successful at eliminating it for periods of time. After a while though, people become complacent, preventative measures fall by the wayside and the disease creeps back in from other places that haven't eradicated it.

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