Friday, September 9, 2011

Algorithm for the RWC

Step 1) Spokesperson steps forward from the crowd of hundreds. "We are all terribly excited about the RWC and ensuing party!"
Step 2) 4 or 5 people down the back step forward and say, "um.... actually, we're not that excited about it at all really"
Step 3) Cue inital spokesperson and various other persons calling the un-interested ones churlish, unpatriotic and accuse them of acting like a persecuted minority. And telling them that even if they don't like rugby they have to be happy about the big party.
Step 4) Back to the 4 or 5 people "...ummmm..... all we said was we're not particularly interested. You're welcome to go enjoy the game, but it'd be nice if you stopped telling us how we feel, thanks". Add 1 frustration factor for each time this step is reached. Any thing over 10 and you're allowed to seethe.
Step 5) Return to step 1.

Adapted from the comments on Danyl's post.

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