Friday, August 5, 2011

Schlurpping coffee.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the coffee tastings at Good One in Brown st. behind Ponsonby on Thursday mornings. I spent a chunk of yesterday morning schlurping coffee from a spoon, with attendant noises. Guatemalan, Nicaraguan and Ethiopian. Apparently, the slurping is to break the surface tension and violently move the liquid about so as to get the aromatics and flavour compounds moving up into the cavity behind your nose where most of your flavour receptors are. Similar to what you do with wine. My first thought though was of whisky tasting, where I've been told that great things can come from holding the whisky in your mouth and breathing in over top it - whisky's alcohol percentage is significantly higher and alcohol being, apparently carries the flavour compounds, the heat of the warms it up sufficiently that there's evaporation, you breath in over top of it which takes the evaporated whisky for a ride around your olfactory system. Which is grand if you're expecting it. A little bit of a shock if you're not.

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