Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Price of Science.

There's a piece on wired at the moment, discussing the stupid amounts of money one has to pay to access to work both current and past. I seen it first hand, the past few months as my enrolment at Uni lapsed, I lost access to the online journals. $30 US a paper? There was no way I could afford to keep up to date other than asking friends at Uni to print out the odd paper for me. It's not even as if the journals are producing something original, they're taking scientists work and then charging them for access to it.
It's going to be something I'm going to have to consider shortly. I'm starting my PhD in a few days, I'm rather fond of the Open Science movement and I'd really rather like to have a decent chunk of what I'm doing coming through on the blog. The intellectual property angle might not be too tricky, the problem I'll be working on is rather urgent and thus the backers want all the information out to other researchers as quickly as possible. The having to hold back on what I'm saying before publication though, I'll probably have to do it, but that's going annoy me.

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