Monday, August 29, 2011

Poynten Terrace art looks like it's returning.

This is a good thing. A while ago, one of our prominent graffiti artists, a chap going by Askew had a bit of a run in with the council. Not in the way graffiti artists normally have run in with councils though. The enforcement arm of the council's anti-graffiti department painted over a wall that Askew has been painting on, with permission, for ages. It was a bit of a downer really, the art changed reasonably regularly and was quite good - I enjoyed it anyway. When people complained, the bureaucratic little toad (someone Askew has apparently had problems with before) in charge of the anti-graffiti squad started floating plans calling for council sanctioned art works. Anyway, it appears that someone, somewhere has been listening to reason and Askew has been compensated (donated to charity), has been given a new space and will possibly get the old space back for more artworks in years to come. Wh'hoo!

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