Monday, August 22, 2011

The perils of communication.

Danyl and QoT (new blog, for me anyway, appears to be worth reading and vaguely sensible at times) appear to be having a go at Clare Curran, a Labour MP who's a little peeved at the Greens for taking some of Labours vote. I'm guessing QoT's comment about being called part of Nationals cadre of attack bloggers is sarcastic, the Imperator fish chap certainly didn't say that in their blog - just that National have a bunch of proxies and are thus separated from the icky bits of online ... debate shall we say, whereas Labour are in the thick of it, which isn't doing them any favours at the moment. The bit that I found interesting though was a comment from a chap called Michael Wood, a Labour chappy.
We don’t always get it right, but people like Clare and Darien have spent most of their lives trying to make a difference for working people, and when given the chance in government they did. 
This, I think is important. Doing your best isn't necessarily good enough. It's why I think some of Labours votes will go to the Greens, the Greens are doing the work, asking questions, making it obvious that they know what they are talking about. The Greens best, is better than Labours best at the moment. Helen Clark didn't present as a particularly warm gregarious person, we liked her because she did the work and always knew what was going on, even if she still made the occasional misstep. I think (hope) the whole blogosphere thing will be a good thing for Labour - eventually, having a front line communication tool between the public and the MP's will eventually make things better, when the MP's figure out a) how to use that tool effectively and b)when they actually start performing the duties of an opposition party. The current crop don't appear to get it, eventually they'll learn or we'll get a new crop who will hopefully be able to use these communication tools effectively, which will make, I think for a much stronger government than one that is hands off, letting it's proxies do the work. Which is why shutting down Labours blogging service, as Imperator Fish seems to think might be a solution, might be a short term fix, it would be a bad idea long term. And Labour seriously need some long term fixes, short term fixes are only going to prolong the pain.

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