Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now lookie there...

 I have to admit to finding this to being well on the amusing side of things. First, twitter, facebook et al. get praised for their part in allowing people to organise protests over the Arab spring. Months later, rioting occurs in London and those same leaders that were praising social media's ability to allow people to organise, start calling for the various sites to be shut down in "times of crisis". Hypocrisy anyone? Better yet, a week or so later, initial analysis of the twitter feeds shows that it was probably used more to react and bring communities together so that they could weather the riots rather than being used to organise them. A side of "I have no clue about what's going on or what I'm saying" with your hypocrisy sir?


  1. They're now rebranding the Arab Spring to sound less positive. They're calling it the Arab "Transition."

  2. Ah, he said, building the narrative so to speak.