Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More silliness.

Yay, he said, deadpan like. We're getting another coal mine. A few months ago, someone fairly senior in the Green party made the comment that it's not entirely out of the question for them to work with a National government. Fair enough. I just can't see the National party the Greens would work with as being this National party. Seriously, our current crop occasionally mouth some empty platitudes about the importance of the environment and then completely ignore whatever it was they said when it come to actually doing stuff. We've got a watered down emissions trading scheme that's not doing much, farmers are exempt at the moment and we're giving the go ahead for coal mines, idiocy pure and simple. It doesn't how much more efficient new coal plants are, we will be releasing more carbon that's been locked underground for millions of years into the cycle. And I'm sorry, suggesting that it's not our problem if someone overseas burns the coal instead of us is just outright cowardice.

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