Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots.

It's pathetic really. The big news here for the past couple of days has been the fact that the All Blacks won on Saturday and that Addidas are way overcharging retailers and the public for the new All Black jersey. Seriously. The fact that there have been riots in London is beginning to filter through, slowly. As I understand it, there are other places in the world that are even worse off than London atm. The riots in London are a bit of a shock, some of the you tube clips and news stories are touching on places that I used to live, namely Brixton and Hackney. It's a bit of a worry really. Nina Power, in an article in the Guardian had, I think a pertinent observation* :
There's a widespread myth that law and order is preserved by police, politicians and other forces of authority. Not true. Never has been ...
Law and order is kept by a collective acceptance of mutual goals. If,as a society, we look after each other, offer everyone a share and a stake in the common weal, maintain some semblance of a Rousseauian Social Contract, then the vast majority of people will mostly stick to the rules without ever needing to see a police officer.
When people lose that sense of being looked after, no longer feel part of society, no longer feel like they have any kind of share in any kind of collective, the ties that bind begin to be broken.
As I'm writing this, I get news that the riots in Clapham are close to my sisters place but that she's fine - breath's a sigh of relief. With a touch of annoyance at the media. Clapham? It's via a text from the UK that I add Clapham to the list of locations with rioting?

*Update It wasn't actually Power who said this, it appears to be been one of the commenters in her column that was arguing there is a context to the riots - which is still worth reading.

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