Thursday, September 1, 2011

I seem to find the comments more interesting these days.

The latest of our election year polls came out yesterday. Labour doing unsurprisingly badly. Greens doing well, which is a good thing, given they're the ones acting all grown up like. Labour is unlikely to recover sufficiently at this point methinks to be able to win power in the coming election. That's a good thing btw, a somewhat ... boisterous breakdown of possibilities is provided by QoT.
Also of interest are the comments to the stuff article that is briefly going over the poll results. In particular, the comments that are attacking the Greens.
"I think that should be the new motto for the greens: "Are you pathetic or hard-of-thinking? "
"The greens are anti everything oh well I suppose thats about 10% of Kiwis"
"More beshevelled, hemp-wearing, civil-union, vegan liberalists out there than I thought!"
It's like we have a bunch of people quite willing to put forward their view without thinking at all about what they're saying. I can understand someone disagreeing with the Greens policies, but these commenters don't appear to be doing that. As best I can tell, they are using stereotypes of the greens from about 15 years ago, completely ignoring the current crop of Greens (some of which are worrying the vegan liberalists a bit much because they are connected to big business and are more focused on getting shit done rather than waiting for utopia). I must say, I do find it odd that people are willing to assume what they thought they knew 15 years ago is still true (in politics even) and continue of express said views without checking. Hrmm.

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