Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I didn't think support for the RWC was that low.

Danyl summarises a survey on  support for the RWC.  The idea that 40% of the population are looking forward to it, is not entirely unexpected. I would have expected the other two numbers to be swapped around though. As in, I thought ambivalence would be bigger than the number of people not looking forward to it. Me, I've only recently been tipped over from the ambivalent to the anti side, technically, I'm probably on the fence between the two camps. Danyl also raises the fact that our news coverage is going to be dire over the course of the tournament, something in the minus column that I haven't really been considering. Not that our news coverage is that much better than tabloid quality at the moment. His last sentence, as is quite often the case, a gem:
"I’m dreading the toxic amounts of fake nationalist idiocy coming our way
and the implied rebuke that you’re not a real New Zealander if you
don’t buy into it."


  1. I don't mind a bit of rugby now and then, particularly if I'm watching it with friends who are fond of the game. But I also relish the opportunity to approach people at work who are wearing rugby jerseys on casual Fridays; when they say, 'So, you going to the game tonight?' I invariably reply, 'There's a game tonight? You mean rugby I take it?'

    Mind you, you usually only get one shot with each such person because they avoid talking to you after that ;)

  2. I used to, for a short time, work in a couple of pubs in Twickenham, the one rugby mad part of London. I will admit to having the odd bit of fun when patrons asked the burly kiwi lad at the bar if he'd seen the game last night.
    Game? I'd reply, who was playing?
    New Zealand and !
    Oh, I'd idly wonder, did we win?

    I wasn't trying to be mean, but the slowing dawning look of disbelief that crossed their faces over the course of the conversation was gold.