Monday, July 25, 2011

Tapu misses the point.

There quite possibly is a good case to be made for not banning the burqa. I haven't heard it yet. Tapu Misa's column in the herald today misses the point. She's quite correct in stating that it's demeaning and damaging to women but that we should have the ability to make choices that are not in our best interest. The comparison to Boobs on Bikes and prostitution is telling though. The thing with Boobs on Bikes and prostitution, is that they are voluntary. The individuals involved are not forced to participate. The burqa, in contrast is not usually used voluntarily. Social conditioning, threats from family, friends, members of religious communities, be they mental or physical are commonly used to make women wear the burqa. I'll concede that some probably wear it by choice, but I'm not convinced most do. Banning it is a coarse tool at best, but I've not seen anyone suggest a better one yet. Until such point in time as most of those wearing the burqa are demonstrably doing it by their own informed choice, I've got no problems banning it.
We condemn the action of forcing a woman forced into prostitution, why should we ignore a person forced to make themselves invisible?

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