Monday, July 11, 2011

seriously, who saw that coming?

It sort of goes nicely with a post on public address the other day, with Hayden being a little bit sick of the rugby haters. I seriously don't think there are that many rugby haters in NZ. Trouble is, there's quite a few of us who are completely ambivalent about it. As Craig down in the comments said : "general indifference with occaisional flashes of WTF-ness at the amount of corporate welfare central and local government has been spraying around with gay abandon?" To be perfectly honest, I'm getting sick of being labelled a rugby hater/pessimist/sour puss just because I'm not particularly taken with the game, and slightly less impressed that this is what my money is being spent on.


  1. Let alone your neighbourhood being totally taken over by munters.

  2. See, that I could cope with. It's the being told I'm against it just because I'm not over the moon about it. mutter mutter mutter mutter.