Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Numbers, handy little things.

It's nice to have some numbers to run along side some of the various claims made in the media. One, which I see various older curmudgeons who haven't really thought about what they're saying making, about MMP is that a major problem with it is that it allows MP's that have been kicked out "to sneak back in". Which is bollocks to begin with, as if the will of a single electorate should override the will of the country as a whole. Even it wasn't bollocks (which it is), we now have some numbers with which to gauge the severity of the problem, compiled and posted at Drunkard's Lamppost. It appears that we have had 21 MP's that held electorates, were defeated and returned via the list. That's over the entire history of MMP, since 1996. Not, I suspect a huge problem. In addition, the argument that the locals wanted to kick the electorate MP out of parliament don't take into account the possibility that some voters were voting tactically, i.e. they were not voting for the electorate MP because they knew they would get in anyway, thus giving themselves 2 local MP's. Which makes it quite possibly even less of a problem.

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