Monday, August 1, 2011

Nope, sorry.

I suspect I've just been tipped over the edge from ambivalent towards the rugby world cup to sod off. For which, we have to thank, the people in charge of parking at Auckland city council. First for taking so sodding long to get back to us - they suggested that we submit our applications by the 20th of July so as to have permits by the 5th of August bledisloe game when they would be testing everything. Application dutifully sent off round the 12th of July, no contact from then till the 1st of August. Then telling us that no, you actually need proof of residence tied to the registration of each individual vehicle rather than proof of residence and the vehicle registration numbers you would like permits for. So my flatmate has to apply separately and I need to get a letter from Dad (I've been borrowing his while my car is off the road). This is apparently to stop those bastardly residents from making things difficult for the community and getting permits for other vehicles - yes that's right, it's me making it difficult for my fellow residents by applying for the the permits I was told I was allowed to apply for by the council. Bastards. Enough to ruin a Monday morning.

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