Thursday, July 28, 2011

The food show. I don't get it.

I saw an ad for the food show today. Less of an ad, more of a little magazine. I have to say, I don't get it. I'm quite partial to some nice food, I've even been known to be a passably good cook occasionally. And the food show seems to drag all the joy out of it, I don't get why people want to go. I've even been to a couple of them. There's always a few things hidden away that are quite nice, in pretty much any other environment, I'd quite enjoy sitting down and partaking. They are so few amongst so many though and there are so many people trying to see them. It's a crush of people (hordes even), sampling the same basic types of food over and over again, signing up for competitions and walking past the as seen on TV junk stalls.
I don't accept that all these attending have no other time in their lives over the course of a year to dig around the various stores and markets of Auckland and find 99% of what they'll find at the food show. And it's certainly not somewhere to go if you're after that special ingredient, given how woefully overpriced everything is, even if one did subscribe to the idiotic school of cooking which hold that you have to have the absolute finest ingredients possible to turn out a decent dish.

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