Monday, July 4, 2011

Fact checking the fact checking.

We have a referendum alongside our election coming up. I'm pretty sure I've had a wee rant somewhere on here before about the fact that there hasn't been an option on the ballot to tinker with MMP. Turns out that if MMP is retained in the forthcoming referendum (fingers crossed, fingers really really crossed) then part of the deal is that the electoral commission will be doing an overhaul. Anyway, Graeme Edgeler of Legal Beagle has started fact checking some of the claims that are being made in the media as the MMP issue slowly begins to come to the fore. It's well worth reading, this latest one, offers a corrections, some about some of the historic claims around MMP's introduction. The first one is worth reading as well. Though they can get a little depressing. We've had this electoral system for the better part of 20 years now. It's not complicated. And still we have public figures getting up, pontificating and getting basics wrong. Then again, a fair chunk of what they get wrong is basic political theory like the stupid idea that if the party that wins the most votes gets less than 50% of the vote, they have the first right to form a coalition to govern. <shakes head in a disappointed manner>

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