Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chris de Freitas and the Herald.

Annoying, in a word. Not just de Freitas, I know of him and his views, having sat through a first year geography paper he lectured. It's the amount of coverage he gets in the Herald that annoys me. Quite often prefaced with "the scientific community's overwhelming consensus is that significant global warming is man made". Which is then followed by screeds of de Freitas cheery picking studies and data to say that there is no evidence. Seriously, the Herald needs to get a handle on how to report issues like global warming. It's not a person A says one thing and person B says another and both have equal merit. In this case it's persons A-Y say one thing, person Z is trying very hard to make it look a lot less serious than it actually is. Two issues, one, the Herald should be able figure out where and when someone cherry picking their data to present an opinion. I would have thought that should be in Journalism 101. And if it's too hard because "it's a science story", get a science reporter to cast an eye over it. Secondly, the scientific consensus is overwhelming at this point in time. Yes, technically it might be wrong, but the chances of that at this point in time is very very small. Sure, mention that not everyone agrees if you want to. That needs two sentences at the bottom of an article though, not 2/3 of the page. It's taking it's time, but the BBC is slowly coming to realise this, it's about time our pretend newspaper did as well. /Grump. Lighter note:

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