Saturday, July 23, 2011

2nd chances.

I have a rule, or possibly more of a guideline really. When I partake of a new cafe, I generally give it 3 goes before I write it off as being bad or recommend it to others as good. Knowing the sort of shit that hospo workers have to put up with sometimes, I'm prepared to let a bad coffee or inattentive service slip the first time, just in case the staff have had a shit day. And one of the visits generally has to include food. So to be fair, even though it's not a cafe, I've applied the same rule to the new fish and chippy just down the road. My first experience wasn't pretty. I've been back a couple of times since, very basic orders - fish, chips hotdog. The hot dogs haven't been anything special, now that they managed to put them in with the order. Not bad you understand, just nothing special. The chips have been quite large and reasonably good. The fish, I have to say, has been excellent. decent (large even) portions, nicely cooked, slice of lemon. I still haven't been brave enough to repeat the pineapple fritter after the first experience and they appear to have their accounting under control $9 for the basic order which I suppose isn't to bad, when the quality of the fish is taken into account. Still a long way from their claim of the best fish and chip experience in the world, bad not to bad for a local fish and chippy. Certainly better than Morningside.

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