Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Refusing to see the case for rail.

I try to generous in my estimation of politicians. Seriously, I do try. I don't assume they're all evil bastards out to pillage the world. Most of the time I can get by with assuming that they've got their own set of blinkers on and are set in their ways, but that they are not consciously out to destroy everything. Sometimes though you have to wonder. In this case, it's not so much that they are destroying things in what they are doing or not doing, it's that they refuse to see the problems. Auckland needs public transport. If you build more roads, people buy cars and the roads stay clogged. If you build public transport systems, more people get on the buses and the trains, then you add more buses and trains and everything keeps moving. On top of that, petrol prices are rising, they're not going to go down much any time in the next decade or so, so more people are hopping on the trains. Yet we have a minister of transport who can't see sufficient growth in rail traffic to warrant spending money on a decent rail system in our biggest city. If anything, you'd think they'd want more people on public transport to keep the roads clearer for more commercial traffic, but no, they'd rather spend a couple of billion building a motorway on a piece of highway that needs a little bit of work than on rail. Seriously, when even the AA are supporting the construction of new rail, you'd think the message would begin to get through.

You have to begin to think that some of our politicians are either irrationally attached to their view of what the world should be or that they are actually out to screw things up as best they may. Sigh.

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