Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spiritual journeys.

Young PZ Myers deconstructs another one of Deepak Chopra's waffle pieces. It's a fairly standard ripping to shreds, nothing particularly exciting to write home about. Then again Chopra does make it very easy. One little titbit that took my fancy though,  PZ's take on the phrase "Spiritual Journey".
Spiritual journey" is one of those New Age phrases that means nothing: it means not going anywhere, not learning anything new, only wallowing in one's preconceptions and justifying it with bafflegab about "spirituality", which is also undefinable and unmeasurable and utterly useless
It's something I should probably try and expand upon one day, for now though, I'm just noting it down here for future reference. The whole idea of a spiritual journey I find to be nonsensical. PZ's description is the closest I can conceive of it as it is spoken by most people these days, a waste of time, wallowing in ones preconceptions. If one truly wants to improve upon oneself, I'd recommend the Socratic method of doing so - examining one's life, critically identifying the parts of ones self that you like and the parts you don't and making changes. It's not a difficult thing to do, in the sense that all it requires is self reflection and honesty with oneself. Though that's not necessarily to say that it's a pleasant thing to do though, in some cases I imagine, it would be quite unpleasant. And I wouldn't call it spiritual, I'd call it rational.

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  1. I HATE the word "spiritual." Panfried otter bollocks. So there.