Saturday, May 14, 2011

Russell weighs in.

Russell Brown quite rightly notes that the kicking of Labour in the blogosphere has become a bit tiresome. He's quite right. The problem being that in discussions of NZ politics these days, that's pretty much all they deserve. There are apparently glimmers of hope that Labour is not entirely moribund, with David Cunliffe actually responding intelligently to some questions, though only on his blog. And sadly, it ends with a dig at National for destroying our "economy and our cultural and environmental heritage". Completely failing to mention of course that Labour has pretty much actively supported them rather than being the voice of caution as an opposition party should be. The flawed Christchurch recovery legislation rushed through. The copyright amendment thing a few weeks ago? Labour just rolls over like a tame puppy dog.

In a democratic system such as ours. an opposition party, in conjunction with a free, open and competent press corps, should be acting as a check on the power of whoever holds the majorities mandate. Currently we have a a free and open press corps (yes, I'm deliberately leaving something out there) and a fairly incompetent opposition party. The only ones who appear to have the gumption to perform the function of an opposition party at the moment are the greens. I'm rather hoping that that's where all the disillusioned labour voters go in the next election rather than just not voting. Fingers crossed.

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