Monday, May 30, 2011

Blunt weapons

 Slutwalk is something that I've mentioned before. Then, I think, I was talking about the principle that slutwalk was based upon. Since then, I've had occasion to read Danyl's take on how well slutwalk does in getting it's message across. A chunk of the post wonders whether dressing up as sluts, while attracting media attention will be conveyed by said media or received by the population in the manner intended. I'm guessing a lot of thinking about whether that works or not will be dependant on your view of the public (the media, I doubt strongly, will do much to convey the message beyond "oh looks, girls for looking at!")

It's an interesting read for though, primarily because of the second to last paragraph. I'm not, traditionally a fan of going on protest marches. I'm not particularly sure of how much effect writing letters to politicians is either for that matter. And the media that we rely on as a watchdog is ... somewhat deficient. As far as I can see, the only real weapon the public has is the ballot box and that is a very blunt weapon. At best, when the protest march, the media and the public combine, it can demonstrate to our representatives that there is a significant number of  their constituents are annoyed, which is a situation best not ignored. As Danyl says though, "a protest march is not a nuanced, sophisticated medium". A blunt weapon in other words. Giving the media's habit of picking ill thought issues and starting random crusades, what could be an effective tool for the monitoring of the government, at best, it's another blunt weapon.

So what to do? A electorate with more involvement in the political process would be a start. Sadly, the electorates lack of involvement has been something that has been lamented for many years. I've seen very few sensible ideas. There are some, but getting the ideas into action will be a long, slow process.

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