Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yet more leaks.

Wikileaks has come out with another stunner crop of leaks. There's a good round up via the Guardian (and what does the herald world section lead with at the moment? Syria-fair enough, and a royal wedding story. And they wonder why people think they're crap). I've had a look at some of them, way to much to go through myself, I'll leave that for others. What I've read so far though. The depravity of it is insane. It's bad enough that this sort of thing was going on. Closer to home, it's worrying are hints that several of our politicians and military have knowingly lied to the NZ public about the involvement of the NZ SAS in the handing over of prisoners for torture. I imagine others in the NZ blogosphere will be digging as we speak. I sincerely hope that if evidence is found, that NZ is not so apathetic as to let these things lie. Goff, Key and Mapp are names I've heard. If they have been knowingly lying about this sort of thing, at the very least they will deserve to be hounded from office.


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