Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More cool stuff.

I think I've mentioned somewhere before that I don't think biologists are neccesarily the people to ask about the origin of life. Primarily due to the fact the biologists study life and life originated in an environment where there was no life. For that sort of thing you want chemists, mathematicians and information theory people. There are of course other problems that occur after life began. Life as we know has DNA that is transcribed into RNA and then translated into proteins, some of which are then needed to help DNA be transcribed into RNA. How did that clever little loop start.

There's a scientist in Germany who goes by the name of Aniela Wochner. Her group have shown that it's possible to have RNA create RNA. We've known about this for a while but it's generally been complex RNA that has been capable of producing simple RNA. This time it's an RNA molecule that is capable of producing complex RNA molecules. Which is very cool. It doesn't show that this is how self replicating life started. It does show that it was possible that it started from a bunch of nucleic acids getting together for a bit of a party though. 

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