Monday, April 4, 2011

Holiday highway opposition.

A local Warkworth resident, a chap called Bob Scott, had an opinion piece in the herald today. He had what I thought, a well reasoned argument against the holiday highway between Puhoi and Warkworth. If we have a government that is willing to spend $1.7 billion on a highway of marginal economic benefit, while denying Auckland funding for the economically beneficial inner city rail loop, while claiming that budget cuts must be made to help rebuild Christchurch and that Auckland is the economic powerhouse that is going to lift our economy, surely there is a case to be put. I would laughingly suggest that our media should be bringing this sort of thing to the publics attention but we all know that's not going to happen. I would have thought that with Scotts argument for reducing the cost by fixing the black spots and saving ~40 lives/year, it would have been perfect fodder for some opposition spin doctor type person to at least come up with a catchy sound bite and stir things up a little. Sadly, that requires having an effective opposition party.

As an aside, where, one wonders, does one go to check numbers like the 40 people/year being killed on a particular stretch of road. It sounds high, it would be nice to be able to check.


  1. For a detailed rundown on the alternative Operation Lifesaver submission, which was prepared by transport activists as a much cheaper and greener alternative to the holiday highway plan, see Joshua Arbury's summary at the Auckland Transport Blog:

  2. Ta muchly for that. That, I'm assuming Mr Scott is involved or at least aware of that presentation. It makes the sound case he presented in the editorial pages even firmer. And as much as councillers may be aware of the argument, they don't seem to have any options for action open to them. And apart from the one editorial, there has been nothing in the press that I've seen. sigh.

    Though after following a link or two from that I see speculation that NZ Rail is thinking of closing it's link to Northland, which would be ... disappointing I'm going to have to go some digging now to see whether that's true or not. Fingers crossed it's not.