Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now that was fun.

McGinties. I'd heard rumours. Most of them invovling excessive drunkeness and generall debauchery. And there was some of that, though not as magnificaent as in past years apparently. i found the whole thing rather catharitic though. It has been a fairly shitty week, but two days of listening to talks before having a decent feed and having a few drinks with a bunch of scientists and continuing to talk science (and random other shit) until roughly 2 in the morning. All rather grand really. Had several swims after 10, with the phophoescent algae in full bloom as we swam through them. All large amounts of fun. Keeping the eyes open for the talks the next morning was a tad tricky, and a few of the more important bits may have been missed, but on the whole, a grand time was had. Paul O'Mailles talk was notable, looking for changes in the active site of lyases that activate terpenes. As was David Chagne's talk on the (new?) Myb transcription factors that have been found. Fun and games. :)

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