Thursday, January 13, 2011

Required reading

And here I am two days later with a nice example of meta blogging. A minor one maybe, but an example none the less. And some required reading. A week or so ago, xkcd mentioned wikipedia's list of common misconceptions. Aha! I thought to myself, that sounds like fun, I'll go have a quick glance. And lo, it was fun. I know I'm not the only reader of the magnificence that is xkcd, but it's intriguing to watch the list opo up in various other places. Admitedly only on two science blogs so far, which corresponds roughly with xkcd's audience, but still.

As for the list itself? Marvelous. A lot of them I was aware of, some of them I wasn't. Some of them were things that have bugged me for ages, and it's nice to know I had due cuase. Like the vomitoria of the Romans. While I'm quite happy to believe that the Romans threw the odd fairly signifcant party or two, the idea of having specially made buckets to vomit in lacks a certain amount basic ... class. I join xkcd in suggesting that the list should be required reading.

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